From the moment Robert Reives II arrived in Raleigh, he was a leader.

After winning his first full term in 2014, Robert was named co-chairman of the House Freshman Caucus and treasurer of the Legislative Black Caucus. Just two years later, he was elected Deputy Democratic Leader by his colleagues, making him the second highest ranking Democrat in the North Carolina House of Representatives. Robert also serves as vice chairman of the Education & Community Colleges committee and the Judiciary III committee.

These positions aren’t just titles to Robert – they’re opportunities to shape policy in a meaningful way, to build relationships with Democrats and Republicans alike, and to advocate for the communities he represents.

Robert believes the highest priority for an elected official should be to improve the lives of the people he or she represents, and he recognizes that leadership offers more opportunities to realize that priority. As long as Robert is in Raleigh, he’ll be at the forefront of the issues that impact his constituents and their lives.