After a year of the toughest campaign that I have faced since 2014, I want to reach out directly to this community and offer my gratitude. I am grateful for your continued trust in me to represent Chatham and Randolph Counties in Raleigh as your North Carolina House Representative and House Democratic Leader. I know that this win was only made possible with the support of voters from all parties and affiliations and I am deeply appreciative of your faith in my service.

When we run for office, we have to choose which party we represent, but I want to reiterate my commitment to every person in this district, regardless of political affiliation and regardless of whether you supported my campaign. This community will continue to grow and improve, and everyone should benefit from our continued prosperity.

Our district was redrawn last year during the redistricting process, making this race much more competitive than before. I knew that it would take a massive effort from volunteers, friends and family to help us reach the finish line. This was also a time of change for our local party, with a new Chatham County Chair, Liz Guinan, taking the lead. Her team worked day and night to organize and strategize, and the result speaks for itself: Our slate of candidates won every race up and down the ballot. Our county had the highest rate of voting, once again beating the other 99 counties with a 65% turnout. 

From the bottom of my heart: Thank you all for your unwavering support over the past year. Without your trust in me, this victory would not have been possible.